Paper Trading UK Ltd. facilitates on a trading or agency basis the supply of the following materials in bulk - mainly to the UK, but also to the European continent and certain other export markets.

Corrugated Case Grades:

  • Waste Paper Based Fluting (recycled)
  • Waste Paper Based Testliners (recycled)
  • White Top Testliner
  • Kraftliner (virgin fibre based)
  • White Top Kraftliner
  • Coated White Top Kraftliner

Other Packaging Grades:

  • Layer Card / Interleaving sheet
  • Pallet liners
  • Void fill rolls (incl. coreless)
  • Counter rolls / Packaging rolls
  • Bag Paper 
  • PE Coated Paper 
  • Imitation Kraft
  • Ribbed Imitation Kraft
  • Coloured Imitation Kraft  
  • Sulphite Paper
  • Silk Paper 
  • Acid Free Tissue
  • Flower Wrap Paper 
  • Florist Paper 
  • Bottle Wrap Paper 
  • Shoe Wrap Paper 
  • Coloured Tissue (100% virgin, 100% recycled, mix virgin/recycled)
  • Barrier Treated Paper
  • 1 side Coated White Lined Chip Board - GD2, GD3 and GT2
  • Waste Paper Based Core Board (recycled)
  • Waste Paper Based Grey Board / Chip Board (recycled)
  • Sack Kraft (virgin fibre based)

Non-Packaging Grades:

  • Grease Proof Paper
  • Meat Saver Paper
  • Meat Protector Paper 
  • Burger Wrap Paper 
  • Fast Food Wrap Paper 
  • Grease Resistant Paper 
  • Muffin Cup Paper 
  • Water Repellent Paper 
  • Water Resistant Paper 
  • Masking Paper 
  • Paper String Paper
  • Coloured Paper 
  • Bleed Fast Paper 
  • Interleaving Paper   
  • Flame Resistant Paper 
  • Security Paper (with fluorescent fibres)
  • 1-side Coated Label Paper
  • 1-side Cast Coated (Label) Paper
  • Embossed Paper and Board
  • 2-side Coated Publication Papers


A company is fraudulently portraying themselves as Paper Trading UK Ltd. on This company is not genuine and has nothing to do with our company. We urge you to carefully check out any company you are dealing with before sending money.  

For enquiries please e-mail and we shall respond promptly.

Thank you.